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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rightly gets a bad press when it involves tokenistic gestures by big corporates seeking to pacify government and public opinion in the cause of profit. Even well-meaning companies can misfire awkwardly in the cause of CSR. Like the rookie company offering to teach a 200 year old charity and it’s grandmother how to suck ‘business survival’ eggs (awks), or an unskilled team painting a whole community centre, badly, in the cause of saving a local charity time and money (not).


Frank and the Lidl Job Snob incident

Jo Clare | 14 November 2017

Read the latest commentary from Frank in Community Living.


Love your vote!

Jo Clare | 07 June 2017

It is the eve of General Election 2017. I have no idea who the next government will be. What I do know is that the futures of adults and children with learning disabilities and/or autism, and anyone with a mental health problem, hang in the balance.


We will all have slightly different memories of how the idea for the Gr8 Support Movement started. As this Paradigm project is being launched in May 2017, here are mine.


In the style of true love

Jo Clare | 04 September 2013

I have been told all my life that carrying tissues in your handbag is compulsory at weddings because you are bound to cry. As a result, I don’t usually carry tissues. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the tissues or the crying that I object to, it’s the handbag.


Once upon a time there were three blokes. One was blind, one had autism, all three had learning disabilities. The odds on ‘living happily ever after’ might have been better if the labels stopped there. All three had mental health and challenging behaviour labels. And all three had a reputation, shaped by words like ‘forensic’ and ‘dangerous’, the stickiest labels of all. All three were in-patients in NHS funded assessment and treatment units – like the infamous Castlebeck’s Winterbourne View – and/or equivalent secure residential units.