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Supported Living

If you live on your own or share with others who are being supported to live independently, you can get support from our Supported Living team. The team works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can get support daytime, evenings, at night, at weekends, on bank holidays – and while you are on holiday. Check out the support you can get below.

You can make your support go further by Sharing Support. You can also do more by taking part in Skill Swap.

Checklist of Services
Checklist of all the support you can get from the Supported Living team at Three Cs
More support you can get from Three Cs
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People we support
Stanley used to be afraid to go out. Now he goes out a lot, often for short journeys on his own. His world is much bigger and his dreams are bigger too “I would like a girlfriend to go out with and do lots of nice things together”. Stanley has an active social life. He will keep looking till he finds that special person.

Our Track Record

We support people in 16 supported living services in Lewisham, Redbridge, Newham and Greenwich.

People live in shared accommodation in ordinary houses or in selfcontained flats. Support is person-centred and aimed at supporting people to live as independently as possible. This might include support with tasks like personal care, household tasks, medication, shopping, cooking, paying rent and bills – and support to be out and about in the community. Staff give 24 hour sleep-in or waking night support as necessary.

Our approach is to involve people in having as much control over and choice about their lives as possible. We therefore teach people skills they need to live more independently including self-care, being safe, money matters, self-medication, tenancy rights and responsibilities, safe travel – as well as rights and responsibilities of equal citizenship like speaking out, being a good neighbour and voting.

All the people we support in supported living have access to our full range of social inclusion services, including job coaching, volunteering and the Only series of social contact groups. We create opportunities for people to make new friends and support people to develop relationships. We work in partnership with families, professionals and commissioners.

St James House, Southwark

St James House is a supported accommodation scheme that supports up to seven adults with mental health issues to manage their mental health, become more independent and move on. Each flat is self contained, and tenants enjoy having their own private bathroom and kitchen as well as living area and bedroom. Tenants also have the opportunity to use the communal lounge and kitchen.

We use the recovery approach to mental health at St James, and encourage and support our tenants to maximise their independence through participating in employment and educational activities, developing their daily living skills and participating in culturally relevant activities.

Each person we support has a keyworker they work with, who supports them to complete their outcome star support plan, risk assessment and iplanit account. We support people to manage their medication and budgeting as well as supporting them to fulfil their dreams and goals for the future - one of our tenants aspires to manage her own hairdressing company. The people we support have control and choice about their lives and are supported to make their own decisions.

Dunton Road, Bermondsey, Southwark

Dunton Road is a CQC registered residential care home for adults with enduring mental health difficulties. The residents have long term contracts and work with a team of nine experienced support staff towards recovery and independence. Dunton Road is an open house in an ordinary street in Bermondsey with good transport links to London Bridge and Peckham. There are seven bedrooms, two lounges and a garden.

We use the recovery approach to mental health and choice, freedom and personal development are promoted. Each individual has an allocated NHS Care co-ordinator and a key worker in the house organising the person- centred support. The keyworker supports them to complete their outcome star support plan, risk assessment and iplanit account. The residents and staff enjoy a friendly atmosphere where respectful behaviour goes hand in hand with motivational intervention and inclusion activities to ensure everyone can aim towards their individual potential.