Our Commitments

Our five commitments to our customers are:

1. Your well-being and safety is the most important thing. We focus on you being well and happy. We support you to be safe and to take positive risks to get the most out of life.

2. You should always be at the centre. You are in control of your plans, your life, and the support you get from Three Cs as a customer.

3. You have the right to be fully included in society. We support you to have a job, to volunteer, to learn and get qualifications. We understand the importance of your social life and promote your rights to be an equal and active citizen.

4. It is our job to help you be independent. We support you to get your rights and to use services in the community. We learn what works for you. We teach you skills. We help you use technology.

5. We should respect and support your relationships. This means being a good partner with the professionals who support you, and your family and friends. It means respecting your right to a relationship, marriage or civil partnership.